To align our product development with our Clients’ strategies, Apex has adopted a number of product management best practices from the software industry and adapted them to address some of the unique challenges within financial services. 

The “coordinated releases” take place over a 16-week cycle, which amounts to about 4-months in between releases. That translates to 3 full release cycles per year. In this document you will find key features and functions that are generally available to clients via the release process.   


Highlights from this launch cycle include:

  • Apex Extend:
    • Introduced white-label Client-led account opening
  • Apex Cash Enhancements:
    • Sentinel 2 - Feature parity with Sentinel 1
    • Supports more transfer types
    • Fee API - Charge and deduct fees from customer accounts via API
    • Rebate and Credit API - Provide rebates and credits to customer accounts via API which, provide easier and faster rewards and incentives

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